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5 tips for moving a loved into memory care

What to expect when you move your loved one into a memory care facility

                     Moving a loved one into a memory care unit is not just difficult for them; but also you. Emotionally preparing yourself is an important and often overlooked step when moving your loved one to a place that specializes in Dementia Care / Alzheimer Care.  This move can be a very stressful situation which can put you at emotional conflict with your loved one.  You may have to deal with your own emotions of guilt, anger and frustration.  Often this can be caused by your loved one who may become angry, frustrated and resentful toward you. People with Alzheimer / Dementia will often have huge personality changes and the added  stress of the disease, your loved one may act badly and extremely out of character. You may have to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to deal with the possibility of these situations.

Communicating with someone with Alzheimer

For everyone involved in the move it is better to understand what to say and not say. Typically it is best to lie for the sake of your loved one. If you believe they can deal with the truth,  you may decide to tell them. However telling someone who has been independent by their loved one that they are no longer able to care for themselves is difficult no matter anyone’s mental state. Having to tell someone with Alzheimer / Dementia  over and over  because of their memory issues over and over again will only serve to make them feel unnecessary pain.

Many people choose to simply say that the move is temporary. You simply tell your loved one that while they are getting better they will have to stay at the facility, and when they are better they can leave.

What to say when you are moving someone into a memory care?

          In all likelihood your loved one will not want to move and not be able to handle the reasons for the move. It will be up to you to know what to bring and not. Most people choose to not ask their loved one for guidance on what to do with their belongings. At this point it is up to you to handle what happens to their belongings.


First keep in mind how much room your loved one has for their belongings. Make sure they have the right variety of clothes to handle all weather types. Make sure they have enough room for the clothes and furniture you are planning on moving. Consult with the memory care staff for the amount of clothing and types of clothing one should bring.  

It is best to your loved one’s new living space similar to their current. This includes beddings,  chairs, pictures and other decorations. You want your loved one to be able to identify this new living space as a familiar area. Also keep in mind the actual available physical space for all their belongings. Understand that not everything they own will be able to fit in their new living area.

A New Beginning

The transition to a memory care facility can be difficult. Initial agitation is normal and eventually memory care residents settle down into their new routine. Despite the difficulty, a good memory care facility can be a new beginning for your loved; helping them live a peaceful life in a safe environment.

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