Locked Perimeter

Why a locked perimeter Alzheimer Care Assisted Facility?

People who suffer from Alzheimer’s often suffer from wandering and agitation. While wandering can make care difficult, it is often the expression of the resident to feel free, in control and independent. 

Locked perimeter facilities are Memory care facilities built to allow clients to wander to reduce aggression, stress, fitness/health, frustration and agitation. The desire to wander should not be repressed but should be encouraged, however most facilities have limited outside area or limited space to allow clients to walk freely.

What is a locked perimeter memory care facility?

Our facility is built in a way such that there is a huge expansive outside area completely enclosed by a gate. For residents with Alzheimer’s but who are still physically mobile, this design allows for greater freedom and exercise.

There is a single path that allows the resident to feel like they are free to roam but that always return to the main building. The entire lot has a gated secure perimeter accessible to our residents.

Peaceful Outside Spaces and Views of the San Marcos Mountains

Some memory care facilities discourage access with alarms making any meaningful time outside difficult aside from small patio area.  Our facility however allows access to a large secure gated outside.

Not only is are outside area secure but it is also quiet and away from any major traffic streets.  Our outside areas also overlook the mountains of San Marcos.

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